Corrie Lavelle

Corrie Lavelle is one of the founding members of Gray Sky Gallery and has been showing her encaustic art there since March of 2015.  She presently paints at her studio in the International District and shows her work at Gray Sky Gallery.                                 


                                                                                                                                                                                                              Phone: 206-890-7644

Artist Bio and Statment

Artist Bio

Corrie LaVelle has been passionate about art, design, and style for the span of her life.  The proof is in the numerous stories her parents will tell any willing ear about elementary years. Her young age was marked by her flair for theatrics, inedible creative food concoctions in the kitchen, quirky sense of style, cutting her own hair, and painting the walls in her room. 

Although by definition she is an untrained artist, Corrie feels she has spent her life journey preparing her for the world of fine art, and painting from intuition.

In 2013 Corrie experienced a personal loss. Corrie started painting and exploring multi medium art as soul therapy, reclaiming her unorthodox sense of art. What started as basement hobby, quickly evolved into a shared studio and gallery in Seattle with three other local artists. In March of 2015 the studio was officially opened and named Gray Sky Studio and Gallery.

Currently Corrie is working with encaustic paint. She identifies with the wax as an expression of who she is, fluid, constantly changing, temporary, pliable. Corrie states, "When I'm creating a piece the exterior of my life blurs and my soul moves into focus. I see myself in every piece. At the beginning of a project I see nothing. Stroke by stroke bits of my life appear: emotions, experiences, and thoughts. One by one they compile onto the board, until a story is created. And when heat is applied to the wax the edges blur, layers are revealed, and I am reminded how beautifully complex life is."


Artist Personal Statement

Encaustic art is necessary to my life. It is where I spell out my personal journey into every piece. To have the ability to share that experience, and allow the viewer to chose their interpretation of and apply it to their own personal path is a joy.